Organisational consultancy

Wherever you are, change is a constant. So the question is not whether your company will be affected by change, but when and to what extent.

Business owners and executives increasingly find themselves required to make quick decisions which not only have to work for the company but also need to be supported by the workforce. However, concepts are often only half worked out, or end up being boycotted by employees because the knowledge, time and, last but not least, human labour required for successful implementation are lacking.

I offer targeted support in various areas to ensure that change happens successfully and considers everyone involved. Whether you have to deal with political and economic upheaval, emerging trends, new business models, an important project, or a change of management – I offer support with real humanity and professional consultancy.

Change Management

Implementing a change of management, founding a start-up, or integrating new business models usually take a long time to prepare. They are the end products of a whole series of strategic decisions. In order for these decisions to lead to the desired result, they have to be meticulously planned, properly thought through, and adjusted several times in every detail. This is an intensive, multifaceted process.

During this process, I am happy to provide, advice and support. Thanks to my neutral position as an external consultant, I keep an constant eye on the essentials, thus enabling you to plan in a targeted, results-oriented manner.

Process optimisation

Sound familiar? A new employee asks why you do things the way you do, and you respond: “Because we’ve always done it that way.” Many processes have long since become obsolete, completely overloaded or even detrimental. However, there is often a lack of personnel and time in the daily working routine to permanently eliminate these problem areas. So they remain, creating chaotic conditions, building frustration in the workforce, and causing loss of capital.

Using simple tools, I apply various moderation and analysis techniques to uncover weaknesses and to separate symptoms from their causes. The result for you? Lean processes and effective methods that are also immediately accepted by newcomers.

Project work

A project is limited in time, aimed at a specific goal, and usually has a specific budget. A successful project can significantly advance your company, but it also poses a genuine challenge to those responsible. Small and medium-sized companies in particular often lack the necessary resources to successfully carry out a project in addition to their day-to-day business.

External project management offers the advantage of keeping project topics within a manageable framework and avoiding resource conflicts. Thanks to my many years of experience in a wide variety of industries, I am happy to lead your project to a successful conclusion, including a final inspection of the results to ensure transparency.


In addition to mergers, collaborations between companies are a supreme discipline in the area of cooperation. Since both partners are responsible for the success of the collaboration, neither is authorised to give instructions to the other. Processes, areas of focus and decisions are therefore not specified in advance, but must be worked out together and mutually supported. In the case of international collaborations, cultural differences also need to be taken into account, meaning that hurdles are inevitable when it comes to content and deadlines.

Especially at the beginning of the collaboration, external support and mediation can bring great benefits, thus helping to ensure mutual success, resolve misunderstandings and formulate expectations in a realistic manner. Simply get in touch with me and I will be happy to give you an initial assessment.