Technical equipment

As a self-employed freelancer, I attach great importance to ensuring technical security for myself and my customers. I work on the basis of a Synology network with Securepoint Firewall, double-secured routers and virus software for all areas of external communication. Technical support is provided by Synology’s own IT specialists, who are responsible for regular maintenance and rapid troubleshooting, among other things.

This ensures that my customers’ data and my personal work areas are optimally protected and transparently secured. Due to my decision to avoid cloud-based solutions, all storage media are documented and remain in my personal area of access.

In addition, all end devices are always state-of-the-art, virus-protected, and regularly maintained and/or replaced.

For video conferencing, I offer all common access routes, for example Skype, Zoom, Slack.

My preferred methods of data exchange are via, or

If necessary, end-to-end encryption is an option for email communication.