Personal consulting

Coaching can be as diverse as the people involved. Everyone brings a different background, different experiences and different ideals. Successful coaching is therefore always tailored to the participant’s individual characteristics and, above all, goals. It’s not about lecturing or dictating the rules. In addition, in all life situations it can help to reflect on one’s own thinking and behaviour in a professional atmosphere. Not only can independent coaching help you to reduce conflicts and successfully implement new projects in your private life, it can also strengthen and expand your position in your professional life.

Taking into account alternative approaches and behaviour enables people to discuss topics that are often not broached in everyday life. From this, they gain greater clarity and focus on the topic in question, as well as increased self-confidence and greater sovereignty in all situations.

Management consulting

I offer managers the opportunity to further develop their skills, strengthening their leadership role with effective methods. The more authentic and secure you appear, the stronger and more committed to each other your team will become. The aim is to master every situation with confidence and clarity, to use resources sensibly and sustainably, and to optimise cooperation with others.

In our sessions, we will run through different scenarios and potential consequences, and look at them from the outside. You can then apply the confidence you have gained in this theoretical setting to solving complex problems and precisely defining suitable questions in practice. The result? An easy, self- confident demeanour, an improved reputation, and a better quality of life, even beyond the limits of your job.