About me

About me

During my university years in Bonn and Cologne, I specialised in international organisational development and adult education. In Cologne, I worked on various international projects within the university in the field of education, and switched to the private sector after completing my studies.

My first career steps after my studies were in financial services and later mobile communications. During my time in the field of mobile communications, I was responsible for product and process design in an international context, and was able to strategically and conceptually expand my competence in a multinational group. In addition to managing projects, my area of responsibility later focused on collaborations with other companies and thus on group-wide issues. For this reason, too, business excellence (EFQM) is no stranger to me.

While working in this field, I was also already working as an independent consultant and coach. I made this my primary focus in 2012. Since then I have completed many more training courses – because life means lifelong learning – especially in therapeutic procedures and in the area of quality management systems. I have also gradually expanded into many other specialist areas (automotive, professional sports clubs and clients, pharmaceuticals and construction). I continuously coach international clients and consult with SMEs on strategic and organisational issues. My areas of responsibility also include the external management and monitoring of interdisciplinary projects.

My CV also includes work assignments (sometimes for several months) in London, Barcelona, Africa, America (Washington DC), Oman, Russia (Saint Petersburg), Bulgaria, Southern India and Australia (Sydney), which attest to another of my passions: travelling.

In addition, I voluntarily live a carbon-neutral lifestyle by purchasing certificates from www.PrimaKlima.org and www.Atmosfair.de.