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Introduction and support of quality management systems

The world of laws, norms and regulations is extremely complex, and not all companies have the capacity to implement every single requirement immediately. In addition, the demand for reliable products and sustainable success often lags behind reality. This is not least due to rapid economic and social change: what is judged as excellent today may prove unreliable tomorrow. Against this background, a professionally managed quality management system (QMS) is the best starting point to ensure short reaction times and thus to place you in an excellent position with regard to your competition.

As a certified quality management officer and strategic consultant, I offer support with all tasks related to QMS, whether it’s the implementation of a quality management system, ongoing monitoring, or the introduction of fully integrated management systems. I provide a professional point of contact at all times, tying up the loose ends between internal and external interfaces in a structured manner.

Although many companies are committed to constantly questioning and improving their existing processes and structures, in reality there are often many obstacles to successfully implementing this goal. A practical, sustainable management system tailor-made for the customer can be the key to success, and can also save a lot of money.

In this ambit, ISO 9001:2015 is considered to be trailblazer: companies that are successfully certified and that live quality management in their everyday working life have already taken the first steps. It is also the starting point for further certification. As an external quality management officer, I guide companies through the initial considerations and certification process, ensuring that they implement a QMS that satisfies employees, the market and auditors in equal measure.

In the further development and improvement of existing quality management systems, together with you and your team I analyse the potential and requisite fields of action and implement adaptations at every stage, whether it’s the kick-off, an effectiveness test, or the conformity and certification process.

The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation is not the only reason that it is necessary and important to take a critical look at your company’s handling of personal data. The GDPR offers the advantage of standardisation and, secondly, security for everyone involved. In principle, it is possible to combine all documentation relating to data protection together with other QM systems in an integrated management system. I support you in auditing your existing measures for potential gaps and adjusting them if necessary. Here the following also applies: the better your communication and documentation on the subject, the more relaxed and efficient everyone involved will be when dealing with the GDPR on a day-to-day basis.

Internal audits are an integral part of the introduction and maintenance of quality management systems. They are also suitable tools for determining whether your company is aligned with the requirement in question. I support you in setting up and optimising your audit processes, and accompany your internal audits in accordance with the requirements of the interested parties in each case.

Providing ongoing training to employees in how to deal with your individual QMS, as well as its changes and developments, represents a high share capital. The more familiar participants are with all requirements, the more confident and motivated they will be during audits and when applying processes on a daily basis. Thanks to my many years of experience in training situations, I will tailor training sessions to your needs and create the appropriate concepts for your multipliers.

  • DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 *
  • DIN EN ISO 9004:2018 *
  • DSGVO *
  • DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 *
  • DIN ISO 26000 *
  • DIN EN ISO 19011:2018 *