Making sustainability tangible

Everyone is talking about sustainability. By 2019 at the latest, the terms “climate change” and “carbon footprint” had reached every level of society. This can be hugely challenging for companies in certain circumstances, because if your production methods aren’t sustainable, or if you fail to publicise your sustainability as widely as possible, you will quickly find yourself at a disadvantage in the fight for qualified employees and customers.

But how do you manage to make your processes sustainable while simultaneously presenting yourself as a future-oriented company if you don’t have a dedicated PR department or sustainability officer to rely on?

I offer comprehensive, up-to-date specialist knowledge on this important topic.

Improving your carbon footprint

Firstly, I analyse all the negative effects that the company has on society and the environment and seek out potential improvements. I always take the status quo as my starting point, suggesting step-by-step ways to optimise your carbon footprint, taking into account environmental, but also economic and qualitative aspects.

Do good and talk about it

In the second sub-topic, I develop ways to help you to carry out PR work with manageable resources and, if necessary, create employee acceptance. This ensures that your customers and prospective customers are always up-to-date with the latest measures, and enables you to present your company as a leading proponent of sustainability in your industry.

As a point of reference, I am always guided by the framework set out in the ISO 26000 international standard - a voluntary guide that supports organisations in assuming their social responsibility.